We offer a bespoke professional organizing & decluttering service for busy people & businesses in the DFW Area.

Do you need the services of a Home Organizer?

You may be a busy parent trying to juggle work, social life and family time. A homeowner that is about to move house.

A business owner that is struggling to keep on top of their admin and bookkeeping or you just simply don’t have the motivation or energy to tackle the mess. If so, the Professional Organizer at Tidy & Shine can help you out.

Our Organizing service is made up of a talented and experienced team of Professional Declutters and Organizers. We have a true passion for helping people out and our main aim is to keep your life clutter free, which will in turn keep your mind stress free. The team at Tidy & Shine put your needs first, our decluttering,organization, and cleaning services are always tailored towards you and your lifestyle.

What are your home organizing services? Our professional organizers are not only experts at freeing your space from clutter, but they also have tons of organization techniques and tips that you can easily implement. Advice from our team will help you to prioritize your tasks and belongings, to reveal a healthy and stress free way of life.

To give you a better idea of how this service makes your life easier and more fantastic, here are some of the tasks that it can solve for you:

Home decluttering

Paperwork organization

Home staging and house moves

Home refurbishments

Wardrobe organizing

Arranging wardrobes and shelves

Reorganising your home

Gathering toys and other items

Organising items in a certain way

Tidying up a single room or the entire place

Unpacking your belongings after a move and arranging them.

Our Organizing Service is hourly based, meaning you can book as many hours as you wish according to your specific needs. We will send a single organizer to your address who will complete the tasks for the time you have booked.

NOTE: If you are not sure how many hours to book, just select a number that you think would be enough for all the work to be completed. And in case the home organizer is done earlier than expected, you can either ask her to handle some more work around your place or she can simply leave and you will be charged only for the actual time she worked.

We know that every customer has different demands, opinions and views, therefore, we provide individual quotes for every customer.

To talk about your Organizing Services needs call us now on 214-870-5638 for a free no-obligation quote.

It is a pleasure for our Professional Organizer team to help you in any way they can.

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